Nasha Mukti Kendra

A message of hope

Astha Foundation is an magnificent social service contributor functioning relentlessly as an initiative to ensure health, reverence and to protect the lives of human beings, primarily aimed to make people aware of the significance and crucialness of lives for society’s well-being also to make an positive impact on lives of people who are the victims of alcohol abuse, addicted with psychrotrophic substances and being indulged in different kinds of intoxication. We are the acknowledged figurehead supporting high quality and innovative methods to safeguard individuals from destructive repercussions of addiction and other mental health disorders coming along with these addictions.

Nasha Mukti Kendra

Nasha Mukti Kendra or known as the Rehabilitation centre which makes certainty of leaving the dependency on Alcohol and also assures relief from different kinds of insobriety. Nasha Mukti Kendra at Astha Foundation deals with different categories of services to come up with the top notch services when it comes to get rid of addiction.

De Addiction Centres

A splendid De-addiction centre of Astha Foundation is dominant in the field of recovery with a great healing rate that plays a leading role in changing the viability of the individual suffering from any kind of alcohol or drug abuse. The government has also taken various initiatives in amending and rectifying these people through different schemes in association with us.

Rehabilitation Centres
The rehabilitation centre is primarily known as nasha mukti kendra in layman language, At Astha foundation we have been committed in saving lives of individuals with mental illness, restoring them back in the society, tying their knots with families and relatives like earlier. Our team comprises experienced health and medical professionals including Doctors, counselors, keepers etc.

Rehabilitation Centre For Alcohol,
A separate rehabilitation centre/ Nasha Mukti Kendra made specifically for the victims of Alcohol abuse will only be available at Astha foundation where the professionals will going to mentally and psychologically deal with sufferers of alcohol addicts where they make them understand the consequences of intoxication and what they have lost in their lives till yet so they may not repeat it in nearby future.

Rehabilitation Centre For Drug Addiction
A very prominent service offered and availed by us is the recuperation of human suffering from Drug abuse, here we primarily follow state of art designed programmes, empowering in-depth mirroring , clean living, yoga, therapy, meditation and exercise. This is the widely endorsed and secular approach of rehabilitation.

Alcohol De Addiction Centres,
The Alcohol De Addiction centre of Astha Foundation is very notable here. We give individual attention to each and every single sufferer, our team of counselors, psychiatrist and doctors are effective as well as efficient, services provided by us do change the lives of the person who is suffering.

De Addiction Centres For Women,
Eminent De addiction centre for womens who suffer from Drug, alcohol and smoking. We have attained perfection in assuring best recovery to womens who become the slaves of addictions where we can meet the mental and physical recovery needs of every women at the slightly very attractive and affordable costs.

Drug De Addiction Centres
The chemically dependent (Alcohol & Drugs) people of specific kinds and of different ages who have complex issues of substance abuse due to very hectic life schedule with full of hustle and bustle, Astha foundation is place of rejuvenation for them, offering patient drug education, life skills, personal training, detox programmes, withdrawal care , workshop and more.

Rehabilitation Centre Deaddictions
When the patient is admitted, Astha Foundation is designated with proper care and guidance of a care team consisting of a case manager, psychiatrist and a counselor as the majority of patients have mental and psychological health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder that treat mental health issues along with the addiction.

Seeking a Solution ?
We holds a pre-eminent stance in the area of treatment of those youth and crowd who are being victims of substance abuse disorders, addicted to alcohol or any other psychotropic substance as well other mental health issues associated with all these problems, not only the mental health but the social and emotional trauma afflicting the number of persons. In the present day society leads to a very deep general and interpersonal loss of control in normal life functions and leads to a never healing wounds on the person’s family which is more than a grief.
Being dependant on chemical and psychrotrophic substances is a dominant energy from which the victim cannot fight alone special help and guidance is very much required in such cases. We have attained the rate of 50% in successfully regaining and restoring the lives of victims.

How Astha Foundation helps in healing of the victims !!

Trust and professional care
Centres of our foundation have 24*7 support of managers and counselors
Availability of doctors on call.
Recreational facilities.
Standardized hygiene of the centre.
Upcoming separate facilities for women alcoholics and addicts.

Way to recover !!

Getting recovered from the addiction is the safest and systematic approach that focuses on correcting physical, social, psychological and spiritual consequences. We provide
Counseling session for intense in-patient care and family support. We focus on addiction not on substance, also dependance on chemical is considered as the biopsychological disease and should be dealt only with biopsychological process only.

How do we treat patients at Astha?
At Astha we believe the addict must have the desire to recover from the present condition. Motivation used to be a primary stage in this and then the process of rehabilitative recovery should be imposed on the person. We provide residential stay at the centre dividing the treatment component into two segments i.e.
Primary care
Extended care

The role of the loved ones of victims plays an eminent role during and after the discharge like taking care of medication, no peer pressure regarding drugs and alcohol and after care like meetings, maturity towards the substance, development of relationship skills etc .

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