About us

Welcome to Astha Foundation

Astha Foundation is an incredible non-governmental social service provider working selflessly for those in need in the field of substance abuse and induced mental health disorders. It is an initiative of a non-profit NGO and other partners established by a group of eminent social activists, public health consultants, and professionals. It was established in the NCT of Delhi, to render quality services to the beneficiaries from all sections of the society irrespective of their caste, creed, and religion.

Astha Foundation holds a prominent position in the field of treatment for those youth and masses, suffering from substance abuse disorders, addiction as well as substance-induced mental health issues.

Our Vision

Astha Foundation is a recognized leader in the provision of high quality, innovative and supportive strategies for individuals living with the devastating effects of addiction and related mental health disorders.

Our Mission

Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, Astha Foundation is committed to improving the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of addiction along with induced mental health disorders and lessening the adverse impact on families and society as a whole, through the provision of a range of supportive treatment modalities.

Our Treatment Activities

Today, substance abuse is a serious problem affecting many youths, families, and households in India. Astha Foundation, being a lead service provider in the field of substance abuse and mental health issues, delivers state of the art treatment for those, who are struggling to cope up with their lives due to chemical dependency in India. 

Keeping in mind the need for treatment and care and support, Astha Foundation initiated a state–of–the–art De-addiction, Counselling & Rehabilitation Centre at the NCT of Delhi. As the name suggests it is a place of absolute tranquillity.

The Centre has been started with the aim to redefine treatment standards in the de-addiction and mental health field. We at Astha Foundation provide our beneficiaries a safe and homely environment. The “Centre” has special luxury rooms and dormitory with all types of facilities for total recovery and serenity and, relaxes your mind with yoga, meditation, recreation, and personal reflection.


Revive Yourself

An attempt is made to keep the Centre a place for complete recovery from all kinds of substance abuse, rest and relaxation away from the hustle & bustle and pressures of hectic life. It is a place for rejuvenation, a place to recharge oneself and recover from chemical dependency and mental stress. The Centre is uniquely advantageous for a long term (6 months) residential treatment program, depending on the status of the patient. However, our programme is customised according to each individual’s personal need and condition.

Astha Foundation looks after chemically dependent (alcohol & drugs) people of different kinds, of all ages. Astha Foundation primarily follows the state of the art designed programme, empowering intensive reflection, counselling, study, clean living, recreation, yoga, meditation, FGDs, family therapy and exercise; free of all use of substances alcohol and drugs. We at Astha Foundation endorse a widely acceptable and secular approach. This approach has made us one of the unique and only De-addiction, Counselling & Rehabilitation Centre in the NCT of Delhi, India.

We believe substance abuse and chemical dependency is a disease and total abstinence is the best way to manage the condition. Our approach is holistic, working with mind, body and spirit targeting a complete turnaround in behavioural change and attitudes of our beneficiaries putting them on the path to a healthy and productive life style.

We believe that every patient and the family that comes to our Centre for treatment has a unique background and set of circumstances. Therefore, treatment for each individual is customised and is targeted to achieve strong recovery. The treatment plan will be based upon the individual’s family history, choice of substance(s), physical and, mental health alongside various other factors.

On admission each patient is assigned a care team that will consist of a case manager, psychiatrist and a counsellor.

As we know, the majority of the patients have a co-occurring mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression, our Centre provides a clinically integrated approach that treats the mental health issues at the same time along with the addiction.

Do you want to break free from the chains of addiction and lead a better life?

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Astha Foundation: the message of hope

Astha Foundation has been specifically set up to assist people with chemical dependencies and addictive behaviours. Our staff has extensive years of experience in dealing with a condition that is admittedly complex; yet one that requires redressal with due concern for the human lives that are involved.

Our treatment plans are based on the realisation that addiction is a biopsychosocial disease. This approach has had a powerful and positive impact on our contributions. We have had a success rate of 50% in assisting individuals to regain control of their lives. The highest recognition of our work and results have been placed on record by a Member of Parliament with the Government of India.

Trust & Professional Care

  • The Centre is operated with the support of a Resident Manager and councilors. The community also has the facilities of a housekeeper and cooks
  • A doctor is available on-call round the clock, should emergency services be required at any time.
  • The treatment center has a 50-bed resident facility
  • A medically managed detoxification facility is provided.
  • Recreational facilities for group and peer-to-peer interactions are available.
  • High standards of hygiene are insisted upon. Periodical inspection by municipal authorities is conducted.
  • Plans are underway to implement a separate in-patient facility for women alcoholics and addicts.

Councillors at the Centre have considerable therapeutic experience. They include professional workers, as well as people with substantial sobriety. Their experience with the recovery process provides a real motivation to help others and is a significant contributor to the success of the Foundation.

The Road to Recovery

Chemical dependence is a biopsychosocial disease. Treatment requires a holistic and systemic approach to address the physical, psychological, social and spiritual consequences of addiction. This is necessitated not only for patients, but for their families and significant others as well. At Astha Foundation, the spectrum of treatment services range from basic awareness and counselling sessions to intense in-patient care and through to after-care and family support. 

Addiction is far more than the mere use of alcohol or drugs on a frequent basis. It causes multidimensional impairment in several areas of life. Treatment needs to address all these issues. At Astha Foundation, the focus is on addiction, not on the substance. Recovery, like addiction, is a process. With identifiable stages and characteristic symptoms. Addiction is a primary disorder and it demands a biopsychosocial treatment process.

Do you want to break free from the chains of addiction and lead a better life?

We Support 24x7 (011-25700500)