Anil has started his first Counselling Center for drug users and their families from his residence this year 19990. Then looking at his enthusiasm, commitment, and endurance the community leaders requested him to start a center for drug addicts in order to detoxify and rehabilitate them and spread drugs, alcohol, and HIV/AIDS awareness among the wider society for the greater benefit of those families who has family members suffering from addiction. 

Anil has assisted and helped many individuals without any self-interest and has been active in founding various NA and AA groups at the National level. He is an outstanding individual and a unique personality who has come out of drugs and a role model for others in the country. 

In additions, he has made outstanding contribution for more than Twenty Eight years in the field of addiction and still continuing in the field, and is a driving force for youths who are addicted to drugs and Alcohol. He is also a founding member of NA and AA groups a t a National level. he is actively promoting alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous and al-anon groups for the past 28 years of his life. 

He is also supporting the addicts and their families for treatment and rehabilitation through his center ASTHA FOUNDATION which is a De-addiction, Counseling and Rehabilitation Center, established in the year 2002. To date, his center has provided De-addiction, Counseling & Rehabilitation to approximately 12000 addicts and their families. 

Anil has been facilitated and awarded various certificates and awards for his outstanding achievement in the past for volunteering in helping other individuals in the society who are suffering from both drugs and alcohol addiction. Today because of his support and involvement, youths are maintaining a sober life and are productive members of society. 

Looking at his selfless, volunteer social service and contribution, many organizations like Lions Club, High Court of Delhi and Lok Sabha Assembly, UNODC, IBN7 TV channels have invited him as a speaker to share his experience and exemplary work at any occasion in India.